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These scripts may not be redistributed via the web or any other electronic media except with explicit written consent by the author. This scripts and Growl plugins are provided "as-is", and neither I or my employer make NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY, express or implied. WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED. Consequential and incidental damages are expressly excluded.
This scripts are to be distributed free of charge. I decided to make them available for the Macintosh community, since there are so many great Mac apps that are freeware and I've used for many years. Here's to all those great developers!
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DayValet 1 - Freeware - MacUpdate page
Updated Dic 3th 2007
An Applescript that does it's best to replace a personal assistant.
It reads your pending tasks, birthdays and events and will notify you about them, depending on the event information it might propose you to send a mail, it will also find meteorological information and ask if you want to open your frequently used applications.

AgendaIt - Freeware
Updated Aug 9th 2007
An Applescript that reads out loud today's events as well as the pending tasks, it also displays them trough Growl.

GrowlIt 1.2 - Freeware - MacUpdate page
Updated Mar 31th 2010
An Applescript that displays iCal's Alarms trough Growl.

Proximity Scripts 1 - Freeware
Updated Apr 25th 2010
The ultimate proximity applescripts, i created them to substitute for Salling Clicker lack of interest to create an iPhone version, i really missed the proximity aware activation of scripts.

Micro - Freeware
Updated Sep 12th 2007
A Growl style that takes as little space as possible.

MicroJewel - Freeware
Updated Sep 12th 2007
A modification of the Sarah Zelechoski Jewel style, it also takes as little space as possible.

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